Monthly Archive: February 2015

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Films & Documentaries about Wine

It’s weird outside. Just watch movies. The weather across the U.S. has been unseasonal to say the least. When it’s less than perfect outside take some time and simply stop. Just stop what you’re doing, stop your...

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Rules of Engagement: The Bar.

It’s not rocket science but seemingly normal, everyday good people turn into anxious Neanderthals when it comes to getting the attention of the bartender. Here are a few words of advice from no nonsense, been-there-done-that...

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Latin Cooking Remixed with Angie Martinez

Radio/TV Personality Angie Martinez & Top Chef star Angelo Sosa recently authored a book that provides traditional and neo-Latino comfort food recipes, albeit with a healthy twist. Other deeply rooted culinary ethnicities are taking...

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#VINO4: Maz Jobrani

Cool People. 4 Questions. 1 Bottle of Wine #VINO4 Smart (UC Berkeley), handsome and very funny. We sat down and asked comedian, actor, producer, writer and all around swell guy Maz Jobrani 4 questions – one for...

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#VINOMUSIC: Bond, Idris Bond?

Music and Wine Should be Paired. Both can transport you to another time, place or memory. Sometimes, those memories can help create whole new experiences and new memories. While he has been noted as...