Monthly Archive: August 2016

#SommNextDoor - Alex Sanchez I Like This Grape

#SommNextDoor: Terroir

This week’s question comes via email from Aaron in San Jose, CA. What is terroir? Not to be confused with terror or terrier dogs, the term “terroir” is something special in its own right....

#SommNextDoor - Alex Sanchez I Like This Grape

#SommNextDoor: 50 Shades of Rosé

This week’s question via email from Samantha in Concord, CA What is Rosé? How is it made? Rosé has risen in popularity over the last two years appearing on Instagram accounts everywhere. Much like the...

Support Your Local Wine Peeps

A few years ago, my wife and I travelled through Italy the right way: we rented homes in Rome and Florence and lived like Italians for a bit. The best part of our daily...