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Gents, Do This at Least Once

Thomas Jefferson was wrong. All men are not created equal. That is a truth that must be appreciated by all men, because it is one appreciated by all women. Oh, and they (women) also...

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Wine on Tap

An Illogical Argument Against Wine From the Tap.  Keg wine served through bar-top taps has never caught on in the U.S., and I think I know the reason: romance. Wine is surrounded by traditions,... 0

Tastemaker: Grungy Gentleman

Millennials are the most wine-obsessed generation since, well, ever. And wineries are listening—they’re ditching the stuffy labels with sketchings of Chateau Nowhere in favor of avant-garde packaging, like the fine art of Orin Swift’s...

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#VINOMUSIC – Rodriguez Cold Fact

Music and Wine should be paired. Both can transport you to another time or place. Listening to the psychedelic sounds of Rodriguez from his famed Cold Fact album from the 70’s, it’s pretty easy...