Author: Naushad Huda

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#VINO4: Iron Chef Marc Forgione

Cool People.  4 Questions.  1 Bottle of Wine. VINO4 Iron Chef Marc Forgione is as cool in person as he is battling and beating down world-class Chefs on Iron Chef America. Chef Forgione embodies...

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#VINOMUSIC: Kelley James

Music and Wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC. Kelley James is a singer songwriter who is a bit hard to define. This is why we dig him. James is a charismatic and ridiculously talented lyricist....

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Pairing Art + Wine: Sedrick Huckaby

Wine is something beautiful, emotional and artistic. Wine evokes a memory, an opinion and can spark an idea, much in the same light as art. The emotional aspect of wine and art is what...

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#VINO4: Ben Flajnik

Cool People.  4 Questions.  1 Bottle of Wine with Ben Flajnik Ben Flajnik. Many know him from his celebrity status from being The Bachelor, but there are many dimensions to Ben. I had the...

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VINOMUSIC: D’Angelo and an Aged Rioja

Music and wine should be paired. We call this VINOMUSIC. The most influential R&B album since Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. (Yup, we went there.) This masterfully arranged redefinition of R&B blends jazz and...


Darioush: Blending Iran, France and America

Darioush is unlike any winery you’ll visit in Napa. The Iranian-born civil engineer who fell in love with Bordeaux wines is unlike any proprietor you’ll ever meet anywhere. This is a tale that interweaves Iran,...