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What She Thinks When You Order Wine

More and more Americans are drinking wine. In fact, we’re now the No. 1 wine-consuming country in the world! Yup, we sipped by the French and swirled by the Italians – and even left the...

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Wine and Film. Tom Ford and a Cabernet.

Long before Tom Ford fused fashion, film, and wine with his directorial debut of A Single Man, wine has always played a particular role in watching, and afterwards analyzing, great films. Cinema provides a...

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#VINOMUSIC Dean Martin & a Merlot

Music and Wine should be paired. Both can transport you to another time, place or memory. This pairing is a classic. It’s a classic pairing like peanut butter and jelly or black-and-white gingham prints...

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Sideways 10 Year Anniversary

There are times when the subtleties of product placement in films and television impacts an entire industry. When Carrie Brandshaw was seen eating on a cupcake while talking about her exploits in one episode...

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Jay Z Acquires Luxury Champagne Brand Armand de Brignac

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone of the influence of hip-hop on popular culture. What may be surprising to some is that hip-hop has grown and matured in many directions, including the luxury market and...

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#VINOWEEKEND – Travel & Organic Meritage

It’s just how you interpret the situation. It’s context and what you make of it. A pound of smoked chicken wings, brisket and a 2009 Terra Savia Meritage Reserve; these are the items I took...