Rejoice! A Napa Cabernet for Both Snobs and Newbs

OK, here’s the deal: you have a group coming over for dinner and all they drink are California Cabs. You want to make them happy and serve good wine, but you really aren’t in the mood to drop coin on a $70 bottle.

The group isn’t into decanting and waiting. They pop and pour. Oh, and you have to contend with that token guy who thinks he has more knowledge than Robert Mondavi (R.I.P.) on Napa.

To add to the challenge, the preferences and palates in your party vary from “I love Menage a Trois!” to the mutha f***** who can talk all night about nuanced oak bark and toffee flavors.

Here’s a wine we think will actually work in this scenario: a Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. It’s wow straight out of the bottle with a velvety vanilla mouthfeel. Not cheap strip club vanilla (so I’ve been told), but Madagascar vanilla.

You get a lot of immediate fruit and complex flavors in this drop. As the wine breathes it only gets better, opening like a tax refund – exciting and unexpected.

Mount Veeder delivers major value for a wine from this part of Napa. The winery is high in the mountains on land that looks like a giant staircase. They’ve been making wine since 1973 and respect the land on which their grapes grow. These grapes thrive in rugged conditions, and wines from this region often cost many times more than what Mount Veeder is charging.

If I were to compare this wine to a movie it would be “Wedding Crashers.” It will make everyone in the room laugh, from your ethnic grandma to your too-smart-for-his-own-good-computer-science-major-ain’t-been-laid cousin.

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