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#SommNextDoor - Alex Sanchez I Like This Grape

#SommNextDoor: About the Grapes

Our new weekly editorial that answers questions from our community by our resident girl-next-door who happens to be a certified level 2 Sommelier Alex Sanchez. Send us your questions! Twitter, Facebook, or email cheers@ilikethisgrape.com...

Ferrari-Carano Winery I LIKE THIS GRAPE

Virtual Tastings with Ferrari-Carano Wines

It’s been a long week at work. One of those days that makes you want to fall into an endlessly sinking Tempur-Pedic and soak your brain in a relaxing haze. The only thing keeping you...

Kama Sutra And Wine

There’s a new winery whose Indian owners were inspired by the Kama Sutra. One of the newest additions to the lively wine and culinary scenes on California’s Central Coast is called LXV. It’s a labor...