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What Wine To Take To Your Boss's House

Wine To Take To Your Boss’s House

The I like this grape. team is often asked: what wine should one bring to a particular event or for a certain person in their life? Send us your burning questions and we’ll have one of our...


Best California Wines 2016

California wines keep getting better and better. 2016 was no exception. I did some serious wine drinking in 2016, people. And it was for you, of course — all for you. Sure it was. (Full...

Ferrari-Carano Winery I LIKE THIS GRAPE

Virtual Tastings with Ferrari-Carano Wines

It’s been a long week at work. One of those days that makes you want to fall into an endlessly sinking Tempur-Pedic and soak your brain in a relaxing haze. The only thing keeping you...

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Evolve Your Tinder Game: Yoga & Vino

Recently,  there’s been a whole lot of fracas surrounding high levels of inorganic arsenic in 28 California wines. A total buzzkill on your Trader Joe’s run for that next date. However, there’s also been...