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Fashion Week LA: Union Station [Video]

Fashion Week LA: Needed a Chilled Rosé We dug the idea of having a runway show inside the historic Union Station is Los Angeles. It’s grandiose, art deco inspired space is the gateway to Los Angeles which plays...

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Gents, Do This at Least Once

Thomas Jefferson was wrong. All men are not created equal. That is a truth that must be appreciated by all men, because it is one appreciated by all women. Oh, and they (women) also...

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Wine and Film. Tom Ford and a Cabernet.

Long before Tom Ford fused fashion, film, and wine with his directorial debut of A Single Man, wine has always played a particular role in watching, and afterwards analyzing, great films. Cinema provides a...

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Union Wine Company & Waraire Boswell Dressing Down

Wine in cans? Buying wine just to drink it? A fashion-forward lear suit? Rubbish! By now you’ve seen the hilarious videos from Oregon-based Union Wine Company. Their offerings for their Underwood brand — Pinot...

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Tastemaker: Grungy Gentleman

Millennials are the most wine-obsessed generation since, well, ever. And wineries are listening—they’re ditching the stuffy labels with sketchings of Chateau Nowhere in favor of avant-garde packaging, like the fine art of Orin Swift’s...

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Summer Fabrics & Wine by Royal Park and Ball

Men’s style aficionados at Royal Park and Ball out of Los Angeles have some tips for keeping cool and stylish in the summer. The lesson to learn is choosing the right fabric.  A nice...