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A New Spirit in Napa

The wine world is changing. A new generation of winemakers is breaking rules — lots of them. (Check out this amazing story in today’s NY Times.) They’re also trying something that’s not done enough...

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#VINOMUSIC: BottleRock Napa Valley

#VINOMUSIC: BottleRock Napa Valley We’re headed to the 3rd Annual BottleRock Napa Valley festival the weekend of May 29-31. While at the festival we will be covering the weekends events while being merry with...

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Rules of Engagement: The Bar.

It’s not rocket science but seemingly normal, everyday good people turn into anxious Neanderthals when it comes to getting the attention of the bartender. Here are a few words of advice from no nonsense, been-there-done-that...


Food Trend That Needs to Die: Brussels Sprouts

Every restaurant has a brussels sprouts dish on the menu. Between brussels sprouts and the bloody kale salad the collective creativity of our Chefs is wilting. Step it up, or just kill it off...

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Uproot Wines

Millennial buying power continues to strengthen and become more and more influential. One industry that’s specifically stepped up its game is wine. Statistics show that Gen X is spending more of their income on...

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For most of the evening he stood in one part of the room, near the table of wines as couples of fancy dressed folk walked up to him and asked if he was “Alpha...