Tomorrow is not another weekday. You decided to take the day off. The weather is 73, clear blue skies, you look up to palm trees and smile. Slide on your mocha colored shades, throw your Coach leather duffle in the back seat and plug in your iPod. You're headed up PCH to. . .doesn't matter. Just North. Ocean on the left, your arm out the window, music fills the car. You'll arrive someplace with rolling hills, no cell service with a vast view of the Pacific. Sit on the hood of your car. Break out a baguette, one wine glass and this bottle. The “everyday” and easy-drinking Syrah “Tous les Jours”. A red wine blend of Syrah from Paso Robles and Santa Ynez Valley vineyards, it is carefully blended to produce a soft, smooth Syrah full of ripe berry aromas and flavors.

Andrew Murray - Tous les Jour Syrah

Exploration Recommendation by Jon Reynolds, Designer & Santa Barbara Wine Aficionado