There are foul things happening in the world today. Filtered facts, questionable leadership, opaque vision to important information. This can take a toll on one's everyday life, even from afar and make you feel ill and perhaps even guilty.

Last night I had a fine dinner out planned with my brothers to reconnect. We do this a few times a year, and it's something we all look forward to immensely. The food and the wine didn't settle territory disputes nor did it find missing airlines. The feeling of guilt was there, but soon dissipated momentarily when I realized that simply being in that moment with those I love was bliss. Sharing a moment of truth with those I loved was happiness. Having candid dialogue on both the good and ills of the world lifted the solitary uneasiness that was brought on by recent events on global stage.

If you have the good fortune of spending time with friends and family - take it. Take it, relish in it and understand the positive impact it will have on you, which in turn you can spread to others. Wine is simply the impetus to life.

HAUT-BAGES LIBERAL PAUILLAC GRAND CRU CLASSÉ 2006, $50 Great Bordeaux that started opening up after an hour of decanting. Even at hour 3 the Cabernet forward blend was showing off its dark fruits and oak. Balanced, full bodied.

Your relationships.